Results – Call for Paper Proposals

We were overwhelmed by your response to our call for paper-proposals. We thank participants for sending in their proposals and sharing with us their ideas. A quick word about the evaluation. Proposals were coded alphanumerically and graded anonymously.

Development Studies
1. Suraj Gogoi (TISS, MA Development Studies)
2. Sahil Mathur (IIT Madras, Integrated MA)
1. Subhaprada Mohanty (Rajeev Gandhi National University of Law, BA LLB)
2. Divya Mary (IIT Madras, Integrated MA)

1. Madhavi Sodisetty (University of Hyderabad, Integrated MA)
2. M. Akhil (IIT Madras, Integrated MA)
1. Sebin Bapty Nidhiry (Loyola College, BA Economics)
2. Rini Mukherjee (Madras School of Economics, MSc Actuarial Economics)

1. Siddharth Srikanth (IIT Madras, Integrated MA)
2. Gopika Jairam (English and Foreign Languages University, BA English)
1. Ashwin Varghese (St. Stephen’s College, MA English)
2. Anju Parvathy (Lady Sri Ram College for Women, BA English)

You will receive a mail with further details soon.


About Negotiating Conflict

The Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, IIT Madras is organising its second academic conference in the month of September, 2012 under the overarching theme of ‘Negotiating Conflict’. The two day conference will have a session each on Economics, English Studies and Development Studies offering an array of lectures, panel discussions by the leading thinkers and paper presentations by students. For queries, please mail at:
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